Bryan K. Wong (Co-founder, Contributor)

Bryan is a coach, a dragon boat and powerlifting athlete. He started paddling in Lowell High School, founded a team in UC Riverside, and is a former coach and paddler of San Francisco Dragon Warriors. Bryan cares very much for the health and strength of the California dragon boat community, and hopes to push the sport towards a more rigorous and professional future. Bryan’s dream is to inspire the new generation of paddlers, rehab professionals, and athletes from all walks of life to become active leaders, advocates for health, movement, and community service.

Bryan currently studies as a student of the UCSF/SFSU Doctorate of Physical Thearpy Program.


Shou Leung (Co-founder, Contributor)

Shou is currently the President of San Francisco Dragon Warriors. Shou started paddling in Lowell High School, making it on the CDBA Youth crew that competed in the Club Crew World Championships in 2006. He later joined UCLA Dragon Boat to be a paddler, coach, and then President of that club. After graduating, he would join DW as a paddler and then as coach since 2012. Shou is all about systems and culture. He believes that every great team has systems to build winning cultures. Shou’s dream is to pick the brains of high level coaches to figure out what exactly makes great teams tick.


YOU (contributor)

Paddlers Are You Ready…? is an open forum for the whole dragon boat community. Have some proven ways to build great culture, groundbreaking ways to prevent injuries, a really cool story about your team to tell, or any other ideas that you think needs to be shared with the whole community? Well, the community needs to hear it! Come onto our podcast, or write an article for the blog! We look forward to engaging all of you!